Collaborate With Super Smash Burgers

Welcome to
Super Smash Burgers Influencer Program!

At Super Smash Burgers, we’re not just about serving delicious burgers and nostalgic arcade vibes. We are proud to be a queer and Indigenous-owned business deeply rooted in the Vancouver community. Our partnerships with local organizations reflect our commitment to community outreach and support.

Why Collaborate with Super Smash Burgers?

Collaborating with us means joining a family that values quality, inclusivity, and community. Here’s why influencers love working with us:

  • Community Engagement: We actively partner with local organizations to support community initiatives.
  • Premium Quality: Our burgers are crafted from high-quality Black Angus beef from The Butcher Langley, ensuring every bite is a flavor-packed experience.
  • Unique Experience: Enjoy the blend of gourmet dining and retro gaming, offering a unique platform for creative content.

Collaboration Opportunities

We offer a variety of collaboration opportunities to fit your style and audience:

  • Product Reviews: Share your honest thoughts on our mouth-watering burgers.
  • Sponsored Posts: Create engaging content featuring Super Smash Burgers.
  • Giveaways: Partner with us for exciting giveaways that boost engagement.
  • Event Coverage: Cover special events at our venue, from gaming nights to community outreach programs.

How to Collaborate

Ready to partner with Super Smash Burgers? Here’s how:

  1. Fill Out Our Contact Form: Provide your details, social media handles, audience size, and collaboration idea.
  2. Email Us: Reach out directly at

All collaborations must tag @SuperSmashBurgers_YVR on Instagram and @SuperSmashBurgersYVR on Tiktok in posts/stories and add us as a collaborator. Use the hashtags #SuperSmashBurgersYVR, #Sponsored, #YVRFoodie, #VancouverBurgers.
You must also indicate in the post that this is a partnership in your post  (Influencer marketing and the Competition Act (

Collaboration Guidelines

To ensure a smooth experience for all, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Lighting: No lighting setups that interfere with other customers.
  • Privacy: Respect the privacy of other customers. If someone asks not to be included, please ensure they are not in your content.
  • Group Size: We allow up to 4 people per collaboration, including the influencer. We provide 1 appetizer and 1 main per person (no modifications unless there is an allergy, to showcase our products).


We review collaboration requests within 7-10 business days.

Compensation varies based on the collaboration type and influencer reach.

As a small business we have a small advertising budget and typically do not offer compensation as we operate under the understanding that we are mutually benefiting from the collaboration.

Success is measured by engagement metrics, reach, and quality of content produced.