We’re passionate about our food

At Super Smash Burgers, every bite tells a story.

Super Smash Burgers is the ultimate destination where nostalgia and flavour collide to create an experience that’s as unforgettable as it is delicious. Born in the heart of our vibrant community, we’re more than just a burger joint; we’re a sanctuary for burger aficionados and arcade enthusiasts alike.

We Love Retro Video Games

Relive the golden age of gaming with our arcade-inspired atmosphere and menu items that pay homage to classic favourites.

We make Top Quality Beef Smash Burgers

We're passionate about crafting the perfect smash burger using only the freshest, highest quality local ingredients.

We Love Supporting Our Community

We're a proud member of the community, committed to giving back and fostering a welcoming space for everyone.


Our journey began over a decade ago with a simple mission: to craft the perfect burger.

What started as a quest evolved into a phenomenon, bringing together the finest local ingredients and the timeless joy of arcade games under one roof.

Our menu is a tribute to tradition with a twist of innovation. Each burger is a masterpiece, handcrafted with premium, locally-sourced ingredients and served with a side of fun.

From our signature Smash Burgers to our inventive Dank Cream Sammiches, we’re committed to tantalizing your taste buds and sparking your sense of wonder.

But we’re more than our mouth-watering creations. We are a hub for memories, whether you’re reliving the glory of pixelated victories or creating new ones with friends and family. Our arcade bar is an homage to the classics, a place where the 8-bit heroes of yesteryear meet the gourmet flavours of today.

Our dedication goes beyond our food and games. We’re a proud member of the community, committed to sustainability and supporting local businesses. We believe in giving back, fostering a spirit of camaraderie, and ensuring that the good times roll in more ways than one.

Close-up of a person holding a Super Smash Burgers double burger, showcasing layers of juicy Black Angus beef patties, melted cheese, fresh lettuce, and tomato, served on a perfectly toasted bun

See Some of Our Creations

Our Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Our Signature Super Smash Burger

Our Delicious Smashing Gems

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